dujou is an exclusive coaching club providing all the means to master your life.


To be accepted applicants must demonstrate genuine aspirations for their lifes and for serving others. dujou provides the foundation that supports you every step of the way to achieve your greatest goals, change your lifestyle and cultivate happiness. Our members are choosing a life of positivity and naturally inspire others around them.


Membership Services

Daily Coaching

A carefully curated routine for daily personal growth and transformation. Tailored exercises and challenges building on top of each other everyday. The program synthesizes and translates humanities knowledge on living a life of purpose and meaning into applicable, daily practices.

Core Group

A curated personal core group of 3 other dujou members provides daily feedback and guidance supporting the individual growth process.

Visualized Progress

A daily report of the personal progress  visualizes achievements to support momentum and focus on a long-term change.

dujou was founded to support humanities age old longing for more than mere survival. We assist everyone seeking genuine happiness to empower them to spark the same in others.